Despite the digital age, notebooks will always have their place. It's the freedom of taking a pen to paper without the need for turning on a system or finding a charger, cannot be replicated by even the finest digital devices. As a small trendy manufacturer, Rare Planet recognizes in keeping this pleasure of writing.
Wherever you are and whatever you do, these inspiring notebooks are an instant topic of discussion, while remaining handy for when creative inspiration lights up or if you just want to pour out what's rumbling in your mind. Use this for Professional needs, personal-thoughts, feelings or emotions, travel notes, or experiences. A perfect carry for everybody, be it a Businessman, Housewife, Student, Executive, Journalist.
Rare Planet notebooks are purely handmade by local artisans with a soft and attractive cover that inspires and compel everybody to write. Rare Planet also supports and empowers the livelihood of skilled artisans from rural India. A small effort from Rare Planet to preserve the craft of making handmade notebooks, we stand for the advancement of rural artisans and craftsmen.
Rare Planet design team selects the fabric patterns for the cover page keeping in mind the current trend. Quality assurance and authenticity are maintained in every notebook.