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Rare Planet's Desk ka Kulhad Collection-Terracotta Khullar’s are handmade in the suburbs of Kolkata villages, with a small niche of a few hundred families of traditional potters and artisans who have successfully managed to turn terracotta art into a sustainable form of livelihood. A closely maintained small industry where men and women work together very unapologetically.
Rare Planet is associated with these artisans very closely to bring their forms of folk art into the limelight. Once the plain terracotta Khullar's are sorted, a team of women artisans meticulously handcraft step by step the daily objects, animals, scenery, depiction of culture, festivals. the
Rare Planet Handpainted Khullar’s or coffee mugs are handpainted by mostly women artisans. Several stages and procedures are followed by these artisans to complete. Each item takes typically 4-8 hours to finish. On Terracotta a white layer of the paint is done, then the senior artists draw the imagined subject. Other artists do the painting with specified colors. Later a special coating is done to finish.
Rare Planet conducts periodical classes by expert and senior artisans to these women for their improvement of Skills in Hand Painting. Several measures and social activities are done under our supervision to improve their living.
Coffee, Chai Cup handles are wrapped(few models) with a cane to get the feel of earthiness and improves the look and feel of the product. These are to be gently washed with a soft cloth only.
Terracotta Art has been practiced in West Bengal right from the early days and has carried its tradition through the medieval age till the 19th century. In the modern age, terracotta art is present in Bengal mostly in the form of home decor and jewelry. Terracotta plaques have been the most important form of terracotta art in Bengal. Terracotta works not only depicted the lives of gods and goddesses but also reflected many scenes from the daily life of individuals.
West Bengal is famous for several unique arts and crafts, all of which lend a distinctive identity to its culture. The terracotta craft is one such exclusive craft. The word ‘terracotta’ has been derived from the Latin phrase “terra cotta”, which means ‘baked earth’. Terracotta craft is more or less the same as its name. It refers to the art of shaping clay into beautiful designs and then baking them at high temperature, to grant them stiffness and stability.