Desk Ka Kulhad- Kulhad’s celebrating regional pride • Pride of Delhi A famous monument dedicated to its war heroes, a world-famous mass transport system for its everyday heroes, and a landmark temple inspired by the national flower, this cup is a befitting representation of the richness of Delhi.
• Pride of Orissa No matter what happens, the 'kadak iraade' of the people of Odisha has always driven them to the streets to celebrate the festival of Rath Yatra. This cup is an ode to the juggernaut of Odiya’s with steely determination.
• Pride of Haryana Haryana is not just home to Kurukshetra, the land of the Mahabharata, but also to several world-renowned wrestlers and India’ boxing capital Bhiwani. If there's one word that could describe the State and the inspiration behind this cup, it must be 'kadak sapne of Haryana'
• Pride of Gujarat Inspired by a charkha that symbolizes the self-initiated growth of Gujarat, the Statue of Unity, and a dance-form that represents the State's colorful attitude, this cup brings out the best of Gujarat.
• Pride of Kerala Often called God's Own Country, Kerala is also a land that loves to break a sweat - with its native dance forms and its own sporting events. And these two elements proudly adorn this cup.
• Pride of Maharashtra Inspired by a transport system that lets the maximum city live up to its maximum potential, the Lavni dance form, and a gateway that looks over the seas, this cup brings you a sliver of Maharashtra.
• Pride of Uttar Pradesh Inspired by landmarks older than legend, older than even History, that draw tourists all year round. And with this cup, now Uttar Pradesh's 'dumdaar' destinations can always be close to you.
• Pride of Punjab The term 'Sher-e-Punjab' and Bhangra aren't just close to Punjab's heart but have also made their way to Indian pop-culture. How? Because of Punjab’s' 'vaddi insaaniyat', that makes them share their culture with everyone. And now, these elements have made their way to this cup as well.
• Pride of West Bengal Home state of India’s older capital, the sweetest part of India still exudes an old-world charm that can transport anyone back to the past. And this cup celebrates the rich history of West Bengal.
• Pride of Andhra Pradesh With one of the most beautiful coastlines on the Eastern coast, a famous submarine, and the longest cave system that's open to the public on the Indian subcontinent, Andhra Pradesh has a lot to boast about. And this cup brings out Andhra's pride for everyone to see.
• Pride of Arunachal Pradesh Inspired by the most colourful dance-form of Arunachal Pradesh, the Losar festival, and the Bomdila Palace, this cup brings you close to India's Orchid State, no matter where you are.
• Pride of Assam Known for its tea gardens, national park, and a unique native dance form, this cup doesn't just give us a glimpse into Assam, but to the beauty of the northeast.
• Pride of Bihar Home to one of the oldest universities in the world and an art form that has made its mark across India, Bihar hides a rich culture. And this cup is a celebration of the state's diverse cultural heritage.
• Pride of Goa The most happening place to party and the most laid-back place to relax, Goa's sandy beaches and carnivals make it a paradise on earth. A paradise that has been brought to life on this cup.
• Pride of Karnataka The Vidhana Soudha, the Mysore Palace, and the KRS Dam aren't just structures made from concrete. They are a true representation of the Mysore and neo-Dravidian architecture of Karnataka - something this cup celebrates.
• Pride of Meghalaya No state defines the wonders of nature quite as Meghalaya does. With beautiful waterfalls, lush green forests, and a bridge made with roots, this cup is an ode to the Abode of the Clouds.
• Pride of Rajasthan Also called the land of Maharajas, one cannot think of Indian royalty without thinking of Rajasthan. It not only has rich folklore but is also home to numerous palaces and forts - a few elements that inspired this cup.