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    Ganesha Showpiece(A Rare Planet Speciality).


    “His four arms stand for His immense power in helping humanity.  The noose and goad borne in two of His hands stand for His all-pervasiveness and grace.  The broken tusk held in the right hand shows that He is the refuge for all.  His huge belly is indicative of His tolerance and also signifies that all things, the entire Universe, are contained in Him.  His feet stand for the bestowal of siddhi and buddhi, attainment of desires and knowledge.  The modaka (sweet goody) in His hand is symbolic of jnana, conferring bliss.  His mount, the shrew, represents the worldly desires which are to be overcome.”
    M. Arunachalam, Festivals of Tamil Nadu

    Presenting Lord Ganesha statues @Rare_Planet

  • Rare Patachitra Hand Painted Bottle-XIV


    The Rare form of Tribal Art that Speaks for itself


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